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Originally Posted by Max_Archer View Post
I do think that people who are just doing cosplay shoots shouldn't be exploiting the press badge option. It hurts the convention (since they lose the badge sales), damages the credibility of the press pass, and eventually makes it much harder for people who really need a press badge to get one.
I agree in principal for all the reasons you state above. I think most honest photogs that want to photographically cover the convention don't really have good options. Apply for a badge or sit in lines/back of the room.

Again, if your intent is photoshoots, hallway shots, gatherings then a press badge is probably unnecessary. However, if your main interest is cover the con itself (panels, GOH, bands, masquerade, fashion shows, etc) then a press/photograpgher badge is handy.

On a side note (and I'm probably biased), I don't find many "con reports" very interesting anyway (It might be I just haven't found a good one). I do find pictures and videos more indicative of what cons have to offer.
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