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I'm probably going to get flamed for this. But.
I absolutely can't stand the whole turning male characters into females thing. Whether it's in manga or anime or even comics. I appreciate when costumes are done well and not just people trying to get attention or whatever, but Please. When there are perfectly good male designs and other Female characters who would wear basically the same thing, don't stick a guy in a dress without purpose. It's just plain annoying to me. A similar issue with it...if you're crossplaying, make it convincing. I get it, it's easier or whatever to slap on pigtails and a dress and call it a crossplay. Ladies, we know you're a lady when you've got your cleavage, okay? To put it bluntly...guys don't have boobies. I'm just saying.

Uhm..also...unrelated but...I think I must be one of the few people who still doesn't like MLP.
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