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Originally Posted by djlemma View Post
My old film camera can sync at all shutter speeds! Hooray for leaf shutters.
The Fuji X100 has a leaf shutter and high sync speeds. Although it is still hovering around $1000 online. A neat little camera.

Originally Posted by djlemma View Post
I say get the cheaper camera and get flashes that can do wireless TTL. I think it'll make more difference to how you shoot than 1/3rd stop of extra sync speed. The commenter on the strobist article that was talking about 1.3 stops was referring to 1/200 vs. 1/500 that was offered on some older Nikon cameras that used electronic shutters. I think Surfsama is spot on, although aren't SB600's discontinued? Also, I wouldn't rule out PocketWizards. You're saving $900 by going with a less expensive body, that should give you serious wiggle room with buying other toys.

Disclaimer: My DSLR's are Canon, so I never had this option of ultra-high sync speeds that the strobists love so much.
Solid advice. I'll probably go D600 when the time comes, mostly due to the compact nature of the camera (though at the moment a refurb D800 from cameta + $100 mack 2 year warranty would be around $2600). Thanks for the info about the 1.3 stops deal, I didn't put any time into researching why they said it. I'll see what I can manage with my existing kit and then decide if I should take a more expensive wireless TTL route or not. The SB600 are discontinued, but look to be available used on places like ebay and KEH. I used the Sigma 530 DG Super on Pentax and it was generally solid too with a lot of power and FP sync (new model being the 610 Super).
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