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The Start of a Manga Career

You've all probably seen many of these. But I'll try to make it simple.

I want to start making ACTUAL Manga. I already have a great story thought up. Now I'm just trying to figure out is it worth going down that path?

Tell me different things like.

o Should I take up drawing classes? (I've been drawing for years)

o Should I even start down the path of a Manga Artist?

o Could I just be a short Comic Maker better than a full fledge Manga Artist?

o If I do want to get reconized, where should I show off my books?

o Whats a good price to buy good drawing Material?

o What should I use to ink my rough sketches.

Pretty much anything you think that would help please give me some advice! I'm determined and will aim for it. Right now its a hobby..but if I complete the book (Which I can) What should I do?

Please Help!
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