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The ball was all right. Enjoyable, and it started off with more classical music, but unfortunately not very danceable classical music. There's a difference between "old-fashioned ballroom dance music" and "radio concert classical", the most relevant one being that it's really hard to dance to the latter. No wonder the DJ eventually resorted to pop. I wish they'd get somebody to spin the tunes next year who really knows how to pick old-fashioned music you can dance to.

(I'd volunteer, but the coordinators seem like immature amateurs of the first order and I'm not sure I want to work with them at that level. I was trying to defend them at first when the complaints started rolling in, since I had a good time as an attendee for the most part, but their rudeness to the artists and vendors completely shocked me. Talk about a pointlessly stubborn refusal to take responsibility for one's mistakes and reach out to one's community to repair the breach. It left a bad taste in my mouth.)
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