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@ FinalEVA:

You are forgiven for not posting. :P I do that a lot actually.

Fat Suit: Ah okay, so that should be an easy fix right? Other than that Pen Pen was a success?

Workout: Awesome progress!!! That's very exciting!! I am trying to pick the workout back up as well, but like you mentioned, it's tough to step it up with the rainy weather. I haven't really lost anything worth mentioning, but I am hoping that if I really stick to this, maybe I can lose the weight I want by Sakura con as well.

Fiberglass: As for Pen Pen's head, the adding padding to balance it out sounds like it should work. As for Tatter's method for Raku, what exactly did she do anyway? Was it much different from your Pen Pen? And yes, she was at Fanime last year. Oh and speaking of fiberglass, I think you saw my post about doing Calhoun, I am curious if maybe that would be a good place to try using fiberglass. Are you able to weather it well enough?

Something Dissidia Related: I am so excited to see Pat be Kefka. I have always wanted a Kefka in the group. I tried forever to convince my brother, but he wasn't going for it. And you are right, it would be cool to do Final form Kefka. Those wings would be super expensive though!!

Cosplay updates: That's good that his Shadow was well accepted. My next con is actually January. It's one of the smaller cons I go to, but it will be nice just to go to one again. Then after that it's Sakura. Which I don't mind, I have a lot of work to do.

Sabin & Edgar: Yoko's sword is another wood and I am going to build the cross guard with some kind of clay. Honestly I am really tossing around the idea of using fimo clay for it... but we will see. If not, it will just be paperclay as usual. As for Edgar, I am very excited to finish him. I will probably start the wig process soon so we can do a mini shoot for him as well.

Upcoming projects: That's awesome! I think it's a good idea to try and do a little a day. You will have him finished before you know it if you keep up that pace. As for 12 Kingdoms, it's really what you guys want to do. It sounded like Spencer wanted to have his King En ready by then, and if he isn't going to Fanime, I would be willing to bring Yoko to Sakuracon so we can at least get a few shots together. Hah! I love that shot of Setzer. ^ ^ And you are right, it's another scarf quest! Oh so you were able to use applique on Pen Pen, well awesome! It's actually really useful once you get the hang of it.

Terra shoot and dress: The sword should be fine, thanks for asking. I already have some new clay drying at the moment. I used model magic this time, hoping I might have better luck with it. As for the photographers, it was pretty annoying, but I guess the lesson is, don't try to do a shoot at a public park on a Saturday. sorry to hear about your Aki-con experience. Some people are just so rude. It makes me wonder if they even realize how rude they are being. As for the Terra dress, the outside of the dress will be able to stay together, thankfully. I will have to take the lining apart, remove the old boning, make a new layer for the boning to be sewn into and then put the lining over that. Basically instead of being two thin layers, it will be one thick layer and two thin. I think it will help the dress hold shape better. Plus the spiral steel boning follows the shape rather than bowing away from it like the plastic does. As for the clay earrings, I think overall they will just be more structurally sound, which is what I need. I am too rough on my cosplay stuff sometimes. ^ ^

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