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Originally Posted by Shannynn View Post
This is totally stupid. Man, I could use so much profanity here to let you all know how angry I am. I booked my room back in *JUNE*, right after the last con, and there was a rate available then, and the incompetent staff somehow messed up. So now I'm pretty much screwed.
Something like this happened to me.
Last year, I booked two hotels (Sandman and The Crowne) for the 2012 Anime North. So, I called a month before the convention to check to see if my rooms were still available (I read some horror stories about rooms being cancelled). Thank the heavens I did, because when I called the Sandman, they said that my room was cancelled and I no longer had it. I was furious, but thankfully, I had the Crowne to go too.

A week later, I get my credit card bill and see that the Sandman had actually charged me for a no show. I was livid. I called them and asked what was going on and they told me that I didn't show up for my room... Which I thought was weird, because they told me it was cancelled???

Anyway, the manager refunded my money so all was good, but just to warn you guys: make sure your room is booked frequently or someone may cancel it on you.

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