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Originally Posted by PlayerOne View Post
You've all probably seen many of these. But I'll try to make it simple.

I want to start making ACTUAL Manga. I already have a great story thought up. Now I'm just trying to figure out is it worth going down that path?

Tell me different things like.

o Should I take up drawing classes? (I've been drawing for years)

o Should I even start down the path of a Manga Artist?

o Could I just be a short Comic Maker better than a full fledge Manga Artist?

o If I do want to get reconized, where should I show off my books?

o Whats a good price to buy good drawing Material?

o What should I use to ink my rough sketches.

Pretty much anything you think that would help please give me some advice! I'm determined and will aim for it. Right now its a hobby..but if I complete the book (Which I can) What should I do?

Please Help!
Do you have two of these threads or am I going crazy...

Yes, learn anatomy. Even if it isn't through paid classes, you have plenty of resources in books and videos and online.

If you want to.

If you want to. If you like the story telling format of short comics over long manga series.

Buying bulk items can be a lot cheaper, but good material will cost a good amount of money. Copic markers are $6-7 for ONE marker. I own a $300 basic copic marker set I use all the time, it saved around $100 ordering it as a set online versus buying them all individually. For the handful of skin toned markers I use it's probably around $25-30 for just the couple I need for that alone. While your learning and practicing you do not need top of the line materials. Plenty can be done with less expensive brands.

Show off everywhere. Websites all over the place can help you get your name out. Try making a short comic book (maybe 5-10 pages) and see if your local comic store will let you display them out for customers to take for free. It will let you get your name out there and get attention. The comic shop I go to has a small shelf specifically for local area artists to cheaply sell their mini-comics.

Whatever you want. I mostly use a set of Prismacolor pens that have different sized pen nibs but I also occasionally use an ink well and pen nib set.
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