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Originally Posted by Rukeya View Post
D: I had to leave early Sunday to get a head start on homework.

Anyone get a picture of me on Friday or Saturday? I was dressed as Tyki Mikk (D Gray man) both days. Grey face paint, suit jacket, giant top hat...
I know I ran into at least one Tyki over the weekend, might have been you. Once I get my stuff up, I'll link it up....

I'm looking for pictures of me as:

Edward Elric (FMA) --I was distinct as I was the one with the BJD of Ed.... most popularly referred to as the "Ed-ception" Ed...

Noah Allen Walker (DGM) -- I was in for a little while on Saturday mainly in the morning. Allen BJD on occasion...

Philemon (Persona) --Mainly stuff from the Dark Hour shoot likely....

and my debuting piece at Youmacon 2012..... Roy Mustang in a miniskirt...
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The Cosplay File for 2015
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