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Originally Posted by ValentinaH View Post
I'm pretty new at this and was wondering how to get patterns/designs and such onto clothing?
When I did sakura from naruto, I just used an iron on transfer and cut out the shape from the fabric, but this time Im doing Boa Hancock and her patterns are larger and more ornate.

This is Boa:
The first thing that comes to mind is fabric paint and stenciles.

Originally Posted by Rangiku12 View Post
Know of any katana swords tutorials made out of con safe stuff that's not wood? Need to make Inuyasha's sword in normal form and 4 others
Look under the props/accessories/armour section. Some interesting results came up when I typed in sword, katana, Tetsusaiga, tutorial, and yasha. There is a generic how to make blank sword. is what I got when I googled Tetsusaiga tutorial.
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