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Animeicon 2012 Homestuck Gathering

Hello my fellow Homestucks! I have not seen anything regarding a gathering for Animeicon this year, so I will be running one. :3 I have never been to Animeicon (So if anyone is familiar with the location, I would love recommendations for gathering locations!!), and this is my first time running a gathering, though I have helped run a few at AnimeExpo.

I would like to get together for a large group photo, separate for individual characters, and then do some shipping pictures.
I would like it to go for a few hours, since there are so many characters, and I'd love to have time for a few other events, so I would prefer to do this around 4 or 5 since I have an artist alley table. That way I can maybe close early and not have a time constraint. Here's what I have so far:

Day: Saturday [2nd Day of Con]

Time: 11:11 AM

Where: Garden Terrace

Art Swap -
Bring your crafts and drawings to trade with other Homestucks! This is a trade only event! Under con rules and wishes of Hussie please do not sell Homestuck crafts or art. Please let me know if you would like to bring something to trade, so I can list you here and let people know who to look for!

Me - I will have hair clips themed after the beta kids!

**** Let's Build Can Town (A Charity Event) -
Since the Holidays are around the corner, I thought it would be nice to have a small canned food drive. If you could bring even one can for this, it will help a needy family. I think it would be kind of neat to build a Can Town and take a picture for the donation center. I will drop cans off at my local food bank for the Spirit of Giving food drive. If you can, (lol pun) please bring "in-date" non-perishable foods, and let's make the Mayor proud!

Contests? -
I've seen some HS gatherings hold fun contests like Slam Poetry or Dance Contests. I'd be willing to offer up a zodiac scarf if anyone is interested in something like this. Thoughts?

More to come. :3

Attendees So Far

Asche Li - Karkat Vantas
Mishy - God Tier John
Dragonbunni - Terezi
^ Dragonbunni's friend ^ - Gamzee
Upcoming Cons:
Animeicon: Selling
ALA: Attending
Fanime: Attending/Volunteering?

Upcoming Costumes:
Sollux Captor (Homestuck)
Mituna Captor (Homestuck)
Kou Seiya (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars)

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