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@Sukotsuto: Those are really good suggestions, thank you! I haven't thought much about the LCD screen, but like you said we will see once Black Friday rolls around. I'm not too concerned with a flipping screen since I'm sure there are other, cheaper ways to figure out how I will look on the camera lol. But if the option is available to buy one that isn't uber expensive, I'll definitely consider it!

As for buying locally or all depends really. My boyfriend said he would go out Black Friday to see if there are any kind of deals on cameras, and if he finds nothing then he will try Cyber Monday. So pretty much I'm open to either.

And the shutter release is a really good idea I haven't even thought of! Thank you :3! I'll probably eventually get a tripod of some sort, but right now my main concern is getting the basics hehe! Thank you!

@djlemma: Yeah...I'm not too concerned with videos. As for the Sony camera...for some reason I'm just set on getting either a Canon or a Nikon. To me, they seem like the best brands out there. I don't want to take any risks ya know? I'm not saying the other brands are bad, but I'd rather go with the two most well-known brands to give myself a peace of mind lol.
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