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Originally Posted by PlayerOne View Post
$300 for one Marker? Wow, thanks for the tip! Some people say I should learn to draw realism. I'm really more of a cartoonist though. So I'm not sure what to do first.
Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
No no no. That's $300 for a SET of markers. It's a box (usually a box) that has a bunch of colors in it..
^It was $300 for a marker SET, and $7-8 for single markers.

If I am paying $300 for a single marker that thing better make gold.


Realism ties into cartooning and it's necessary to have a grasp on realistic human anatomy to develop as an artist. That doesn't mean you draw exclusively realism, it means you work on developing a realistic understanding of the human body.

Every manga artist, cartoonist, and comic book artist that's successful has an understanding of realistic human anatomy. It doesn't matter how cartoony or anime their preferred style of art is, they've worked for YEARS developing realistic grasps on the human body before developing their unique style.

Learning realistic human anatomy doesn't mean you don't draw cartoons, it means you draw them better.

Let me give you examples based on my OWN work;

This piece was done around a year ago in the summer. It took me ages to do at the time. You can see huge issues with the proportioning and anatomy, her head is too big for her tiny neck and her torso looks shrunken compared to her head. Eye spacing, nose to mouth size, over all composition, just about everything in this looks really distorted and wrong.

A few months later I drew this.

This was the second full bodied character I ever drew, one of the rare times I even tried drawing hands and feet, and after studying the body and proportioning. It's not perfect by any means, I think the pose is a bit stiff all things considered and her top looks more painted on then having appropriate movement with her body (a problem I see a lot of anime/realism artists doing lately, where clothing may be painted beautifully but looks as if it's painted on the skin with no sense of movement). But you can see a significant improvement between the two pictures, even though they are both done in a comic/cartoon style things are proportionately better and make more sense as a whole. It doesn't even look like the same person drew the two pictures.

Do you need to pay for expensive art classes? No.

Do you need to develop a solid understanding of realistic human anatomy and the way the body moves outside of anime styles? Absolutely.

Don't let people tell you otherwise. Especially if they themselves are not in a place to be giving inaccurate artistic advice.
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