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Hi there! I'm remaking my Rapunzel's cosplay (made during almost six months) and now I'm working with the skirt and the wig. I' ve been having a lot of troube with the wig. First, when I tried to add some wefts it got really tangled and I passed one month detangling it. Then, it didn't had so much volume, so I started thinking about how to make it. Finally, I decided to make an internal structure and cover it with hair. I ended up using nylons filled with cotton, then covered with hair (an entire medium wig and six packs of extensions, no one with the same color but similar) and, as I didnīt know how to attach it to the base wig, braided all the stuff together. But it even doesn't look like a braid! Now is a ... well, here it is:
It has the volume, but not the rest. I want to make a new one, but without structure, only with hair, and try to use this one at least one time. Any ideas of how to make it better? And how must be the wigs for use them (length, thickness...)? Thank you.
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