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The warehouse would be cool, or the fourth floor. I would also definitely be open to the indoor fountains, but like you said we would need to snag it early. Either way...I'm just excited that I'm finally cosplaying from RE and can go to these photoshoots haha.

I'll probably be in my Jill battle suit most of the time, since I feel like there will be a LOT of RE6 Ada's, but I might join a photoshoot as Ada (with crossbow) depending on what either of my Wesker friends want XD

But I definitely think that the warehouse idea would be super cool for one photoshoot, but if there is a photoshoot on another day I would definitely try to snag the indoor fountains early. If worse comes to worse, we can just meet there and move to the fourth floor...that's pretty much almost always empty haha!
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