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Iron Cosplay

*dusting off the account* Man, I haven't used this thing in a long while!

Okay, greetings! Most of you probably don't know me. Name's Andrew, more commonly known in the community as "Duralath" (as shown by my screenname). I'll be working as PMX staff this year, and I'm hosting an event called "Iron Cosplay". Now, if you're not familiar with the concept, think of the show "Iron Chef".

Most of the info is located at this link: id=51

However, there is one thing I do ask of those of you going to PMX. If you have any spare scraps from your cosplay creations (mostly fabric related stuff, but hell, we'll take anything), if you don't need it, we'll gladly take it off of your hands! Bring it to the cosplay lounge. We'll have a box there for donations to be used for the Iron Cosplay event. I'll be providing a fair amount of materials, but with your support, we can make this bigger and give our participants a wider scope of materials to use.

And as it stands, if you've got the guts to go up against your fellow cosplayers, get to PMX early and sign up for Iron Cosplay! Again, the link is right here. id=51

Hope to see you soon!
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