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Originally Posted by Ithlia View Post
Alright...I'm really big into cosplay, but I have always been fascinated with photography. It is something that I have wanted to get involved with for years, but only as a hobby. I want to take photos at conventions that are of a higher quality than what my regular digital camera can take, but I also want to have the ability to do photoshoots myself between conventions of my cosplays.

Now, since I am not going to be doing this "professionally" of any sort, I don't want to drop a lot of money on a camera. My boyfriend is buying me a camera for Christmas, but I am pitching in $150 since the cameras I'm looking at are around $500.

I'm leaning towards the Nikon D3100 or a Canon Rebel, but I still want to get more opinions from people. I really don't want to pay any more than $500 for a camera, but I definitely want it to be either Nikon or Canon.

Thank you for the input! If you require any more information, I'm more than happy to answer.
Get a used D40 (with 18-55 and 35mm or 50mm f/1.8) (use it until you're confined by the camera and you need to upgrade) and you should have some cash to spare :P.
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