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Originally Posted by LPgohan View Post
The heart hunter cosplay was taken care of, as far as the imitation black one goes, here's a reference:

Here's another one:

Sorry, I can't find better references :<
Yes there is more. It looks like there are several ways to do the top of Len's IM cosplay. The two I've seen the most of are a off the shoulder ren farie wentches top thingy (like the first link on the previous post) or neck straps and free standing sleeves The skirt in all cases is a flounce skirt and you can get the pattern from several Civil War era sites. Simplicity used to have one, Truely Victorian cares one, and past patterns has one. Past patterns also has a rep for patterns that don't come out right, holes and buttons don't line up, sizes run small, etc. Don't try Past Patterns if your new at sewing.

For the top I'd try either Simplicity 1773 or 9966. You will have to do some modifying in all cases, but they can used as a base. A modisty panel can be easly added to both the Simplicity tops for example.
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