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Originally Posted by PlayerOne View Post
Thanks Both of you! So I'm going to keep practicing but also I'm going to start doing rough comics for the actual thing. I can draw backgrounds fairly well, I can also draw other objects from memory with not much effort and they will come out decent. If I actually focused they'd look pretty good.

I'm mainly having a trouble with Hands. Feet I can do, Head, Hair and Eyes I can also do well. Body Portion isn't hard, I can do that if I make the light skeleton outline first. I don't know how to really get hands right every single time or how to put them in different positions.
Hands are often considered the most difficult and I believe it's because we see our own hands every day and are acutely familiar with how they should and shouldn't look. If you break down hands into basic lines and shapes it will help you to block them in with more detail.

Here's a quick example I threw together using just a random basic open palmed hand:

Using guidelines and basic shapes you can quickly map out the general idea of the hand and from there build on top of it in more detail and adjusting it as you go. The fingers I draw just as little 'tubes' without any detail so I can adjust their placement/length/pose easily without being locked into something specific.

The line above is the line where I draw the tips of the fingers, since each finger length is different this doesn't mean all my fingers will be drawn matching the length of that line; it's just for general placement. The line in the center of the hand helps me indicate where the fat of the 'butt' of the hand to the thumb goes; that fat squishy part of your palm that connects to your thumb. You can also divide the fingers with more joints using the same method as the curved line at the top. For manga the detail of joints in the fingers is usually absent except during closeups of the hands so for the most part I doubt you'd be dividing the hand into joints for that purpose but it's still useful to learn.

Also remember that completely flat palms like the image used here is NOT normally something people do naturally. When resting your hand it cups slightly and you have to make an effort to keep your palms flat like that image. Drawing hands in a lot of different positions is going to help you out a LOT.

Here's a lot of resources to use when practicing drawing hands.

Try to do as many positions as possible as often as you can, it doesn't matter if you just do very quick basic layouts like the one I did or if you do super detailed ones. The more you practice the better you get and eventually you won't need to use a *reference.

*even very experienced artists use references sometimes! They're not bad to use, it's just important not to have references as a crutch for what your doing.


I think this example might help demonstrate what I was talking about in a more realistic way then the little collage I put together above:

Here in the above image is my rough layout (wire frames are on a separate layer I have turned off)with her hands blocked in very basically.

In the lower image is the beginning of the lineart for her and I've used the very basic blocked in shapes for the hands and built upon it.Even though the style I am going with here is very simple, child-like and closer to 'chibi' style (the girl in question is very young) you can still see the change from the blocked in shapes,in this case I've gone very rounded for her fist coming forward and a bit square for the top of her hand to her side and rounded for her thumb.

Using simple shapes to block in the general layout leaves me freedom to build on the shapes and change the positioning of things as I need.

Hope this made a little more sense for you.
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