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Pokemon Gathering

Hey guys! There isn't a post on for a Pokemon gathering, so I'd like to host one. If someone else is planning on doing it GO AHEAD I'M TOTALLY COOL. Otherwise, here's the plan:


* Group Picture (and goofy pose group picture)
* Humans
* Gijinka
* Game
* Anime
* Manga
* Bad Guys (Separated into Teams if requested, IE if Team Rocket wants a shot to themselves without the other Teams in the shot they should ask AT THAT POINT)
* Professors
* Gym Leaders
* Other Characters (Breeders, Rangers, etc)
* Last Requests

And maybe going out for dinner afterward~~~?
Current day/time is Saturday at 12:40 at the Patio. That's this area.

That's it. If you have any ideas please tell me!

Facebook page for thems as like facebook~ Please invite your friends~!

Poll for the times:

Sorry if you're not a member of DA, just say what you think here if you aren't.
Marisa Mockery

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