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Originally Posted by Penlowe View Post
Is it the outfit in your gallery? Not sure which bits are problematic.

Having owned a number of leather purses and other types leather goods with raw insides, it has a tendency to get burnished over time, just plain rubbing/ handling will smooth it out eventually. Never tried to do that on purpose or quickly, but it's entirely possible you could get a smooth stick and some vegetable oil and just plop down in front of a long movie (or several) and manually rub out the sueded surface. No idea how long it will take though.
Yeah. The largest problem is the belt. It sticks to the tunic like glue ><. So much so that when I've fastened the belt and then tried to adjust the tunic so it's not all bunch up in the front I actually ripped the seam of one of the belt loops.

I could try that on a test piece, see what happens.
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