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Ready? FIGHT! Fighting Game Gathering!

Hi! Frost here! Who'd be down for another kick ass fighting game gathering? Last ALA, MK had a few gatherings and some amamzing photoshoots. I missed out on some but what I got to be part of was fun. And incase MK isn't big enough, or just for more fun, how about all of the fighting games?

Time: 11am
Place: Pool Deck
Day: 1, Friday

Mortal Kombat
Frost - Nekomilly

Street Fighter
Poison - ReverseTrap
Roxy - ReverseTrap's BF
Sakura Kasugano - Shii Arisugawa


Dark Stalkers
Hsien-Ko - CrunchoBar

Marvel vs Capcom
Albert Wesker - Dark1WingAngel
Secret Cosplay - rj_sosongco

King of Fighters
Iori Yagami - BlackDelo

Other (To be added as the come)
Total so far: 8
My cosplays for AX11:
Day 0 & 2: Elena - Final Fantasy VII [85%]
Day 1: Frost Mortal Kombat DA [80%]
Day 3: Milly thompson Trigun [90%,] SnJ ANBU Naruto - Naruto [75%]
Day 4: Zombie Milly - Trigun [100%]

Anime Expo 2011 is my last convention for awhile. So I plan to go out with a bang! ^_^

I did it! I joined facebook! *Facepalm*

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