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New Profile Pic! Looks Great!

Workout: It's been about 4 days of rain to a day of sun these days. It's so much more fun to do workout outside rather than inside - but I have to persist. I'm sure you can make your goal! I know it can be difficult for a while. It didn't seem like I lost anything for the first two months.

Fiberglass: I'm hoping I can make something work. I wonder if I could glue the head netting in the hard hat in a different location on one side where it attaches to the hard hat. As for Tatterpaxie's method, here is the picture of how she did it - I looked at a larger reference of Calhoun, and it does look like she has some scratches in her armor. It looks like a pretty big project, actually. I do think fiberglass can work for that. It's pretty easy to scratch up, although you may be dulling a few exactos / razor blades. I haven't tried weathering it yet, though. It also looks like she also has quite a few LED's. That should be fun to have integrated in there.

Something Dissidia Related: I'm really happy to have a Kefka as well! I was hoping we could find someone to do it. Those wings would be really expensive with the number of feathers required and it would be difficult to attach.

Cosplay Updates: Oh yeah, that's right. I think you were mentioning SAC Anime in January. I've got quite a bit of work as well for Sakura-con as well. I have quite a bit more armor to make before then. I'm hoping I can finish up the body armor soon.

Sabin & Edgar: Sounds like a good plan for Yoko's sword. Is Fima much heavier than paper clay. Also, does it not crack as easily. That's a problem I had with paper clay, although it's light and easily sandable. Good luck on finishing Edgar.

Upcoming Projects: The only thing is it can be difficult to do the outside stuff when it's raining. I'm not sure how far I'll get on the weapons, but at least the armor will be nice and his side weapon. That would be nice to have King En done by then. I do wish I could get Raku done by then, but I think that will have to wait a bit. I could go easy and do Setzer's sprite form, but I would rather have all the extra details since it's an old school character. I had a few kinks using appliqué in fleece. It seemed to skip stitches once in a while. Is that the tension?

Terra shoot and dress: That's good you were able to save the sword. Model magic may work better than paper clay (that's what you used?) From what you told me, it sounds like most of them were trying to shoot scenery rather than models. I do remember I did Jennie's shoot on a week day and it was much better. It was difficult to not have other visitors in the background on the weekend. That can ruin a shoot with a mideval character such as Zelda. It sounds like quite a project for the dress. Does steel boning make things more comfortable as well? I think all the trips to cons, I can be a little rough at times with the cosplay stuff. I can see that as well.
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