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Originally Posted by Shannynn View Post
I am furious at the Holiday Inn East (the one near the con).

I booked a room way back in June. I was told no rate was available. When will the rate be available? "I don't know, probably sometime in December," says the lady on the phone line.

Each month, I phone back (sometimes twice a month), asking if any rooms are available at the Anime North rate. The person on the other end says the exact same thing.

So, this morning, I call, and guess what? The lady tells me that the rate has been available since June (a.k.a. when I originally booked the room) and now all the rooms at the AN rate are sold out!

This is totally stupid. Man, I could use so much profanity here to let you all know how angry I am. I booked my room back in *JUNE*, right after the last con, and there was a rate available then, and the incompetent staff somehow messed up. So now I'm pretty much screwed.

I got a room at the Crowne Plaza, but I really don't like that hotel much... small rooms and that steep hill to climb up. No Sheraton, either... had that hotel for this year's AN, and it's way too expensive. I could have gotten the Doubletree, but I hate their room policy (even if it's understandable) and constantly getting stuck in overcrowded elevators. I managed to get a king at the Radisson, this year... hopefully a friend of mine will be willing to share a bed. As for other hotels, I'm not going to waste my time/energy at the con walking (I'm usually completely drained to the point of being sick at the end of AN as is... I was so completely drained this year that I was really sick by the end of Sunday).
How large is the difference in host from AN rate to regular rate? I thought at the Holiday Inn there was very little difference in price.
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