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I actually wholeheartedly agree with Bri above. It's all a matter of time management and your routine.

I also work 8 hrs a day at a desk job, commute 2 hrs a day back and forth, and go to school about 15 hrs a week, and I live on my own. It's hard to fit in time to see my family, friends, boyfriend, cosplay, watching tv and playing video games, let alone going to the gym.

The trick is to work it into your weekly routine. You say you have no time to exercise at home, but what are you doing with the other 6-7 hours of your day? Assuming you get 8 hrs of sleep, you only need 15-30mins to walk to work each way, so that's a maximum traveling time of 1 hour. You still have minimum 6 hours to your day. Are you spending it doing productive, worthwhile things? Or are you vegging out on the couch every night? What about weekends? That's 2 full days of not going into the office, which means at least 32 hours over Sat and Sun to do whatever you want/need to do. Working out only takes a minimum of 30 minutes. If you do it Sat and Sun, that still leaves you with 31 hours of free time on the weekend.

If the problem is lack of energy or motivation when you get home after work, then make your workout time in the morning. Force yourself not to hit snooze for an hour, and instead get out of bed and do those exercises, and you'll actually feel more awake than if you slept in that extra hour before going to work. Going to bed earlier will help. Just take your normal bedtime back by 15 minutes each night until you get it where you want. (If you normally sleep at midnight, then going to bed at 9pm right away isn't going to make a difference, you're just going to lie there for 3 hours)

Another thing that's gaining popularity is standing computer workstations at offices. If there's any way you can do more work standing up, even just stationary, it's actually better for your mood, posture, and metabolism. Simply standing up every 5-10 minutes to stretch and move around is important. I just stand up at my desk, stretch my back and arms, stamp my feet a little, get the blood moving, and sit back down. I never eat lunch at my desk, and I make a point to go outside for at least 5 minutes on my lunch break no matter the weather conditions. My office literally does not have windows. We're in this beautiful financial building in the heart of downtown Toronto and you know who gets windows here? The executives. The exterior walls of this building are floor to ceiling windows, but the only people who get the benefit of what little VitD and sunlight we get in the winter aren't even here or in their offices 50% of the time. It really, really affects the other employees who don't get to see sunlight. So, sometimes when I'm moving around doing tasks away from my desk, I also take the opportunity to stop in an empty office or meeting room, and stand by the window for a minute. You're not wasting time, you're not being a bad employee. In fact, I find that if I don't do these things, it causes me to be a miserable, bad employee.
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