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@ FinalEVA:

Thanks!! I forgot to tweak it when I got home last night... it's a little grainy, but I will fix it.

Workout: I can understand wanting to workout outside, it tough being cooped up all the time. But like you said, you have to keep at it!! I have managed to stick with my routine all week this week and I even inspired Eric to start his workout routine. I am really hoping that I manage to stick with it and reach my goal. The first months are always the hardest right?

Fiberglass: Will you have to pull apart the inside of Pen Pen's head in order to attach everything differently or will you just need to add more glue so it's sitting differently?? As for Tatter's method, that's pretty cool!! It looks like it's just layered foam. Ha ha you went and checked out Calhoun huh? Honestly I think it would be a really fun project. Like you said, it has the cool LED's and such. I am not sure when I would have time for this project, but it's still fun to think about the possibility. When we visit in December maybe I can take a closer look at your fiberglass stuff to get an idea of how the material works and such.

Something Dissidia Related: Oh yeah, the feathers alone would cost a lot. I am not sure if color ups the price or anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if they charged more for metallic gold feathers. And attaching those to the cosplayer would be tricky, isn't final form Kefka bare chested??

Cosplay Updates: Yep! Sac Anime is quickly sneaking up on us. I am not sure if I will have anything new for this con, but we will see I guess. As far as armor goes, I think if you stick to a good pace of working on it a little everyday, you will get there before you know.

Sabin & Edgar: Hmm fimo clay is quite a bit denser and so it probably is a tad heavier. It's a little tough to work with at first, but I think the fact that tough to begun with will mean that it might be more appropriate for my props. You do have to bake fimo clay, but once baked you can sand it. I am actually not only going to try and use it for my Yoko sword, but probably for my SS Zelda bracelets and my Terra earrings. Like you said, paperclay is just too easily broken and for me, that just doesn't work.

Upcoming Projects: Oh yeah, the rain makes it tough for you to work on fiberglass stuff, which you have to be outside for. Honestly I really think that props can sometimes take as much time as the actual costume. Personally I would say get the costume done and if you have time, work on a prop, if not, wait until next time. Don't stress yourself out by trying to do both. Personally I think Seattle would have more appropriate places to do a shoot for 12 Kingdoms than San Jose does, so it would be really cool if we could all get our costumes finished in time. But no rush really. Fanime is still a good place to debut costumes. As for Setzer, I agree with you on having all the crazy wraps. That's just a part of his character, you can't leave it out! As for appliqueing fleece and the stitches skipping, it could be tension, it could be the needle wasn't thick enough, or that there was too much fabric. I know that my old machine really struggled with light stretch fabrics and used to skip stitches. You could do a troubleshoot search on google for similar problems.

Terra shoot and dress: I just used model magic on the piece that was broken, so the rest is still paperclay. I think it will be a while before I use that medium again. Like it was said above, it just breaks too easily. As for the shoot, Eric was the only photographer with a model (me), everyone else was just shooting leaves or picking them off the tree and out of the dirt. It's Ashland... people there are dumb that way. :P I can really see how any public places like that should probably be visited on a week day. I think everyone just goes to the park on the weekends, and like you said, that can really ruin a shoot to have some bozo standing around int he background of your shot. As for the Terra dress, the steel boning will help hold it in place as well as hold shape better. Unlike plastic boning, steel boning follows the shape, and doesn't bow away from it. I do agree though, con trips are rough on cosplays. I feel like I have to restyle my wigs every time I come home.

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