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Originally Posted by sunflowercandy View Post
Hey I have a question sorry if it' been asked before but I'm looking for a shirt binder, I've been crossplaying for about 3 years now and as much as I love the sports bra and bandage wrap way, I want to invest in a binding shirt instead and I found this site for binders I just wanted to know if it's any good and if you guys would recommend anything, thank you in advance c:
I've bought something from T-kingdom and have had a positive experience with it (my post is above yours).

underworks is another name I found while researching for a chest binder and plan to try them out next. i quickly checked each site and the binder I bought and a tank top one from underworks are similar price so it depends on if you want to save pennys (the shipping might be a clincher i guess) or what kind of binder you're after e.g. full chest, tank top, sports bra style, etc.
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