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Female/Male? Anbu Costume for Sale!

Up for sale is a totally unused ANBU cosplay!
It was commissioned to me by the user of 'Haven' a few months back. It's frickin' amazing, but some of my cosplay plans have changed and I have yet to wear this ;~;''
I'm selling the vest and the arm-guards, which are both white.

It's a small, and it's measurements aree:
Bust: 34-36
Waist: 26-28
It can go a bit bigger or smaller since it's stretchy!

The vest is made of soft, stretchy material and the arm guards are made of cardboard and vinyl so it'll curve to your forearms. It's super comfy, and made really well. I'm reluctant to sell it, but my friends changed their mind about cosplaying ANBU right when I received this, so I need the money to pay for the cosplay we're going to do!

I'm taking best offers right now. This will be shipped from California, so please keep in mind when offering!

Here are some pictures of the vest:
The straps in the back of the ANBU vest have velcro on them, so you can adjust them a bit.

And these are the armguards!:

Thanks so much!
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