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I'd say my worst one was the fiiiirstt time I styled a wig. and I had to pick Axel. wtf, me. it was a good quality wig i'd gotten from amphigory, so it wasn't a problem of quality. two hours later I called myself done. aaanndd it was a scraggly, horrible looking mess. >__<;
wore it for halloween (thank god i was staying at the house for halloween...) and promptly washed the styling out a week later to try again. five hours later and the second attempt went muuuchh better.
Here, have some before and after.

The terrible before. what was I thinking. >_<
and now the much better after. c:

The lesson for that? DON'T RUSH WITH WIGS. Take your time. Take breaks. Open a window. hahahah.

The scariest one I think was my Reno wig, which was my second wig styling job. I got a Punky XL and knew I had to cut and style it, and was TERRIFIED I was going to mess it up. D:
There was so much wig hair on my dining room table. hahaha. I think I got lucky with that one.
Nearly eight hours of cutting, layering, tapering, and spiking later and we have this:

And on:

Hard work. It pays off. <3333
hey MK_Toxic.... were did you buy your axel wig? i need one!!
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