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Originally Posted by Access View Post
Photographer badge sounds like a good idea though, one common complaint I hear from people is that they got their picture taken so many times, but after the con couldn't find their picture posted online or anywhere else. Having some positive indication that this photographer actually posts the pictures somewhere would be helpful.
This comment struck me in the way... and I said this on my facebook account...

"Random thought... you know it would be COOL... if a "photographer badge" is available BEFORE!!! the con... and for peeps who bought that badge, got the rights to go BALLS TO THE WALL!! in their photography stuff.. AND!!! here's the kicker cause this quote really got to me.... HAVE A WEBSITE LINK posted somewhere on the convention website AND!! on the program guide!!

as much I would like to give out a crap loads of business cards, it just becomes a chore just to hand it to everyone that I take a pic of.... so... it would be cool if there's a special section on the program book or convention website that recognize the convention photographers and such..??

what you think?? it could be a win win to this situation..."
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