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TomBoy Strategy

Hi people
I'v always followed the general MtF rules (makeup, add curves etc) to some success. But as I grow older I'v also become friggin tall (6.4 feet/196 cm). I'm not fooling anyone anymore by trying to be girly girly cuty cute, so I'v deviced a new strategy.
I just take everythin I'v learned and do it the opposite way!

Instead of growing my hair out I cut it quite short in a rather boyish style. No makeup, short nails. Rather manly glasses and no earrings. Then I just add tiny breasts, really small so they'r just visible. After that I add my costume, and I try to choose plain ones without frills etc.
Shawing legs/face etc is still as impoartant as ever though.

The idea is to make myself look like one of tahose overgrown (pardon me) girls that know they'r not very feminin and doesn't try to hide it.

I have no clue if I pass or not but the reaction from other people is much calmer. It's like people don't get 'distracted' by my precence as much as before.

What I'm trying to say is that there may be other ways of passing than going for the feminin look, any thoughts?
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