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Talking Jrock/visual kei suggestion chain thread

If I recall I tried to do one of these last year sometime.. But it didn't take off (haha get the ViViD pun ). So I decided to try again. And if you couldn't tell.. Yes I stole the idea from the "General Cosplay Chat" with their "Suggestions Chain Thread" I am on that thread a fair bit and think its pretty fun and interesting, especially with all the different ideas people come up with.

Here's how it works, you suggest a jrocker they could cosplay/or look like to the person above you, you can suggestion more then one, but no one really goes over 3 or 4. So to keep it simple you suggest jrockers to the person above you and the next person who posts suggests a jrocker to you. The person who posts on here after me will have to suggest a jrocker to me, then it goes on from there. Sound easy? I'm not the best at explaining things sorry^ ^'

So here's to round two~! Let have fun suggesting jrockers to one another^ ^

Planned cosplays

Teru ~ Versailles -Masquerade version-
Uruha ~Silly God Disco Ver~
Ion Fortuna ~ Trinity blood

(lets try again haha)
2014 is the year I wish to properly cosplay~!


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