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Originally Posted by XxChibiArtistxX View Post
So I'm planning to cosplay Meryl from Trigun ( Reference Reference ) but since I'm very very new at making cosplays, I have no clue what fabric I should use. I'm only planning on making the cape-thing and the dress.
Both your pictures only really show a cape. I'd make the cape from trigger, gaberdine or a similar simple twill in a bottom weight fabric.
Originally Posted by SeleneCosplay View Post
Hi guys! For winter events I'm going to put on the cosplay of Haruhi Suzumiya Christmas version and I need two small suggestions C:
Here it is a reference pic:
I was wondering what fabric should I use for the white hem, because it doesn't seem to be simple furry fabric but something...fuzzy/fluffly? xD I don't know if I explained well D: I also need advice for the belt material ^

picture doesn't work.
Originally Posted by CelenaSardothen View Post
I'm designing and creating my own TARDIS dress from Doctor Who, based off of dresses common in the Civil War period and around the 1860's.

This is the basic sketch I've done.

I'm thinking of using a duchess satin for the dress, but I'd like to do the panels using the wrong side of the fabric vs the right side. Is there a noticable sheen difference between the sides? And would you recommend the fabric?

Patternwise, my two patterns are and
no satin, go taffeta if you want it dressy, but it really doesn't have to be. I'd use a very subtly printed fabric, calicos were very popular, and maybe even over-dye it to soften the color, that will give you a really good 1860's feel.
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