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Looks really good, I'm impressed. How is it to wear?

My only critiques would be:
1) The orange eye mask - it seems too wide compared to any of the artwork that I've seen, and the puckering at the top is a little distracting and unflattering.

2) And, the sagging belt - is it pleather or something else? Is it attached to the shell at all, or just tied on? Careful that it doesn't stretch out over the course of the day, and wind up falling down around your ankles. you might have to find some way to attach it to the shell, and put hoops or hooks at the bottom of the belt to attach the weapons, so that the weapons don't "pinch" the belt like they're doing in that photo. (my wife made a belt/loincloth out of a synthetic material that stretched out over the course of the day... that was a disaster, ha ha. Fortunately, it was just a photoshoot and not a con)
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