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Originally Posted by Aurorae View Post
Reference pictures would help a lot. If it's the character I think it is, she just has long black hair, right? In that case, I recommend one of these wigs in black: I like the Jareth long the best, and own one in black myself. It's quite thick and has the choppy layers thing going on.
Here is a reference sheet:

she has many outfits/hairstyles, and this is the one I was cosplaying recently:

this is one I would like to use in the ACEN convention that happens in May:

so you can see her hair is very long, and kind of scruffy/layered.
this cosplayer has the best wig in my opinion. she's also the one that said it is made from a 60inch wig and a 48inch wig(though it seems some layers are shorter than that). here are some of her pictures (you can make the images bigger if you click on them)

I was also thinking of maybe reusing the wig for another character, Seraphim from Kohe Wa ZOmbie Desu Ka, but I'm not sure if it would work...they have different bangs/layers: not sure if that'll work out too well
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