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Ai no Kusabi 2013

Hello fellow cosplayers! For those who don't know what Ai no Kusabi is, the short version: it's a yaoi light novel/OVA. Meaning two guys in love. If you haven't heard of it, I highly recommend any of the light novels, original OVA and the new 2012 remake.

Now that I have warned people lol onto the actual subject!

It's a bit early to plan this but I've been wanting to crossplay Iason Mink for a very long time and since Katsucon is in the winter, I can do this and not have to worry about freezing/sweating my butt off. Right now this is just to see if there's a possible meet up with people who want to cosplay from Ai no Kusabi, I would definitely want to take some pictures XD. This is my first year at Katsucon so I'm not sure on locations that are good for pictures, any suggestions?

If possible I really want to do this on Saturday.
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