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Originally Posted by Ayame Uchiha View Post
So I've been looking around the interwebs and I haven't really found a color similar to Kotetsu's one hundred power colored eyes. If anyone has any recommendations that would be great. Cause ALA (and the holidays) are coming up, so I dont want to wait until the last minute ^^

My eyes are a really dark brown, borderline black. (keep this in mind) so I'd like something pretty vibrant so it could show up against my eyes. Both in lighting and photoshoots.

Here's a reference pic of Kotetsu

Thank you guys in advance, I really appreciate the help! OH! Side note. My friend is cosplaying as Bunny. So if you could find the same colored pair with a power of -10.00+ let me know!

Those are pretty close, although the colour is a bit flat. The perk, being that they would cover up your dark eyes.
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