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So... Skyfall

Like probably half the world, I now have a hankerin' to cosplay the new Q. I've loved James Bond for years, but this is the first time I've seriously considered a real cosplay from it.

Has anyone ID'd his cardigan? I'm not a knitter though I could modify something similar as long as it had the ribbing down the arms already.

Also... any thoughts on where to get glasses like that without buying frames from a real glasses store? I've never seen his glasses as fakes before.

EDIT: Apparently, according to a few fashion people on tumblr, the actual cardigan is $600. Yeah, not something I want to pursue... but I do have a few inexpensive ideas. I'll post them if they work out.

Also, found his mug on Spoon Sisters and ordered it. I'll photograph it when it comes in.
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