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Originally Posted by tsutaya View Post
Oh I'll have two husbands now xD!!! A friend I believe is doing Hawkeye too. Oh man one of these years I so wanna be the Phantom Rider, fem vr. That character is so awesomely psychotic XD!
Originally Posted by tsukeru View Post
I am really hoping I can convince one of my friends to cosplay as Ronin for 2013 when I do Mockingbird. They by far, are probably one of my Marvel OTP's~
I definetly dig Clint X Bobbi, but I kind of like them split up for the time being. Hopefully they'll build up Mockingbird to be a bit more than just "Hawkeye's love interest". That and there's a certain degree of awkwardness to Clint X Jessica Drew that I find super-cute. Of course I'm jaded because I'm coming off of a Avengers shoot this past weekend where my friend Tini was the Jess to my Clint, why my wife was making smotchie faces at the Winter Soldier in the group. Stupid Bucky.
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