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Needing Cosplay Pictures

How is everyone? Well, I hope. I'm needing some picture advice from the Cosplay Forums.

I just started working on a website called It's still in the beginning phases of development (programming, functionality, etc.). Everything seems to be coming along nicely, though, which is cool.

I'm posting, primarily, because I'm looking to obtain pictures of girls in costumes. I'm having some difficulty building a cache/stock of pictures; it's pretty tough out there. I figured, with its large community of hobbyists and photographers alike, would be a good resource for some wise words. Do you all know of any resources out there I could use to obtain pictures or to advertise my need for pictures? Are there any people, photographers or otherwise, you all would recommend I contact? Please advise.

While this is my first post here at the Forums, I hope you don't take it as trolling or obnoxious. I really like what you all do and respect it - especially from the creative standpoint and attention to detail. It's a really neat passion, and I love the pics.

I look forward to hearing back from you all, and to interacting on these forums in the future. Any sort of advice tendered will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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