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Originally Posted by Neko-hime View Post
I don't know if this has been answered yet? xD My opinion:
I think that would be awesome. I think most of the 'please no more dance skit' rants in here are concerning Hare Hare Yukai and Caramelldansen and such. Something more traditional would be refreshing, IMO.
Oh, that question is a bit old XD

But I agree with this. What I don't like to see is a bunch of hare hare yuki, and then luck star, and yeah. But since the user in question has taken actually pointe lessons I wouldn't mind a Tutu dance skit. I do ask that maybe some kind of introduction is done. Like, "Tutu is dancing to celebrate Rue and Mythos wedding" or whatever. Because I still hate dancing with no explanation.

But yeah, the only Tutu dance skits I don't like (and these take up about 90% of tutu skits) are when they clearly have no experience in ballet. Clicky
Though I have to give him credit. He actually looks like he's having fun and choreographed something that actually makes use of the stage lol (And is not using pointe shoes, thank the lord)

And even worse is when they use pointe shoes. Clickers again
Seriously, I think I've seen way too many who have no clue what they are doing. Maybe to others it looks fine but to anyone who does ballet or even just watches it knows they're doing it all wrong. It just makes me feel bad for them.

Does anyone know why that song is used in like, every Tutu skit ever?

(I would actually really like it if someone used something outside of Swan Lake. Like The Sleeping Beauty or Giselle)
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