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Anime USA 2012 Shoutouts!

I thought since no one had posted this thread yet, I would.

Mew Ichigo from Friday who recognized my Kohaku cosplay you seriously made my day. I was not expecting to get recognized as Kohaku ^^

Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho I was serious when I said I'd be doing Karasu next year, so I hope I can find you again. My one regret was not finding out if you had a DA or something

Line Buddies it was great seeing you again! Line Buddies forever!

Winterstuck!Terezi I will find you again, I swear. We will be friends!

Belgium Buddy I will find you at Katsucon! Your Grell and Sebastian too. You're getting a hug from Lin Xiao Li, I promise!

Alice, Oz, and Gil It was so nice finding you all and talking to you again! Hopefully I'll find you again when I get my Rufus Barma/Revis/Leo cosplays done

Really Artistic Japan I seriously love the drawing you did of Hatori. And the fact that you were able to do that from one ref picture so quickly was amazing.

Ludwig and Wilhelm from Ludwig Kakumei so sad I didn't see you when I was doing Kohaku but it was great to see more Kaori Yuki cosplays! Hope I see you again! Sorry for chasing after you guys like a crazy rabid fangirl (Wilhelm, you didn't have to run! my friend was kidding!)

Pain from Naruto who gave my friend and I directions on Friday when we couldn't find the registration Thanks so much. You were a lifesaver.

Awesome Ronald Awesome Ronald is awesome. Hope I find you at Katsu

The two guys who talked to my friend and I Friday night outside the hotel That was a really nice conversation. If you do cosplay Dr. Kanzaki, I will find you, and I will hug you.

Sandplay Gakupo from Sunday You officially rock. Meeting you was epic (albeit a little weird with the hand kissing, but still awesome XD) Hope to see you again sometime soon.

Pewdiepie cosplay from Sunday PEWDIEPIE! You rocked. That's all that needs to be said. You rocked.

Bakura from Sunday So happy I found a Yu-Gi-Oh cosplayer. Especially my favorite character. Thanks for the hug.
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