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A shout out to the adorable little Finn I met in front of the maid cafe, the awesome Jake cosplayer (you complete me~ * w*), and other random Adventure Time cosplayers I randomly took pics with as Lady Rainicorn: Y'all were super awesome I hope to cosplay Adventure Time again with everyone again! I kinda hate myself for being so shy and a huge derp I didn't really get to say much....; 3;

To that Ocelot...I mean MAJOR Ocelot cosplayer: You made my day gosh I don't know if I like Snake as much anymore *swoon*

To the Valmet and Koko cosplayers: Thank you for cosplaying Jormungand just, wow you guys just made the con 10x better. I hope to join y'all Jormunandin' in the future or something.

To Pompi and Yasha….Pompi I can’t- No stop that moeness you make me feel so awkward 8( But otsukare~ You were super busy and I’m so sorry for bothering you ; A; Yasha (wait do you even have a Tumblr…) Worst. Meido. Ever. YOU COVERED MY GODDAMN OMURICE WITH YOUR SHIT ATTEMPT OF DRAWING WITH KETCHUP WOW YOU HAD ONE JOB YASHA. Anyways…Thank you so much for helping me out ;__; I'll see you and Pompi again next con?

To my friends….Well to the ones I haven’t seen. I’m so sorry for missing you ; A; I’ll definitely see you at the next con!
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