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Big Shout out to the people that did AUSA Cosplay Dating Game thanks to you lovely people I made about six new friends at once!

To the Police Panty from the Dating game it was nice meeting you and thank you for feeding me and not thinking I was crazy by being a perv the whole time XD

To Yusei and Jack~ Thanks for playing a lot with me the whole time I was acting silly

Oh yeah to the supper cute Link in black that let me hug him before eat.

Big shout out is to the sexy people that come to the FF shoot on Friday. Thank you all some much for staying way longer then you guys need too and waiting for other people to show up. I had so much fun with you all and I'm so sorry I missed Saturday shoot because I got sick. I hope you all had fun again the next day and I hope to see all or some of you at Katsucon or AUSA next year!
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