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A note about FPS- my 7D will do something like 8fps, and it's really nice for hand-held HDR shots. It's not action, it's just important that even slow moving things don't move much.

Honestly I haven't found high FPS to be that useful when shooting sports. Seems like I always am holding down the shutter early and not actually seeing the action and choosing my shots.

As for comparing current generation digitals to past generations- not a fair comparison. The state of the photography world is changing. You can toss out there that Ansel Adams was shooting a lot of landscapes at 1 to 3 frames per DAY and claim that you shouldn't need speed, or that the fastest film stocks were only ISO 3200. The fact is that there are shots that one can capture now that would have been really tough 5 years ago and impossible 15 years ago, and hopefully 5 years from now there will be even more possibilities. If I could get a camera that would shoot 200fps at ISO 2,000,000, I'd want it.

Anyway, that's my thoughts as a Canon guy in a Nikon thread.
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