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After much thought and consideration, since coming to a few local area cosplay days, the one topic that seems to always pop up is this person who goes by Ackson productions (pardon the spelling). What a fellow cosplayer mentioned was the fact that he only picks the best of the best cosplays. For instance she told me he tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around and he say -oops, not good enough- and things along those lines. All I say is, why people? Why can't you treat cosplayers with respect and admiration? Don't be so damn picky about who you choose to be featured in your videos. Holy damn, it felt to me that if I see this Ackson, I'm going to push him for being such an ass to people. There is a clear fine line here, and don't scew it up...Gah. Things like this just infuriates me. Appreciate people who cosplay your favourite characters! "Or someone's gonna get hurt real bad"
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