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2013 Unofficial Photo Gathering Thread

Letís get this unofficial thread rolling!

With the new space available, there is a lot of potential for some awesome photo gatherings, as well as mass confusion. After talking with past cosplay group organizers, some staff members, and visiting the hotel, two maps (one interior and one exterior) have been developed to help coordinate gatherings. This will allow more people to make use to the wonderful space without stepping on one another. And really NO GROUP should be running into each other. There is so much space!

Here are the maps:

Sculpture Garden/Outdoor

Indoor Anatole

Photos of each location with their corresponding number:

Video of the Anatole from Celyddon:

Each area is marked with a number to help identify the spot. When you sign up your group, be sure to include the location number. If you want to pick a location that is not on the map (example: outside Anatole, South parking lot) please note this.

If you have a cosplay gathering not taking place in A-Konís photo room please fill out the form below. Items with * are required (For the A-Kon Forum Link, please use a Coscom or Facebook link. Forums are still down.):

Group Name*:
Host Name*:
A-Kon Forum:

Group Name*: Studio Ghibli
Host Name*: Kiki the Cat
Location*: #15 (inside)
Date*: Friday
Time*: 4pm-5pm
A-Kon Forum:

Note: Locations provided on the maps are estimations based on A-Konís use of the space. Be prepared to have a backup gathering spot selected should staff members utilize your spot or ask you to move.
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