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Originally Posted by FuntomKitten View Post

Originally Posted by Ai no Miko:
I'll add to the "spam" here I guess... I'm soon to be a Black Butler cosplayer, Sebastian to be exact, and to be honest I am not sure how to feel about it. I mean of course I am excited to be cosplaying one of my favourite characters, don't get me wrong, but I haven't cosplayed something fully "mainstream" since Edward Elric in 2006. I don't count my Kurama cosplay because while he was mainstream, I feel I did something enough to that cosplay to make it stand out enough from the scores and scores of other Kurama cosplayers in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom. The reason I am so hesitant against mainstream is because I kind of feel like I don't have anything to make Sebastian "mine" at this point - well, I'll be specific, I have nothing to make him "mine" and still enjoy wearing the cosplay. I'm a sucker for his regular, plain jane, butler outfit, and that's the one of course that's been done the most. I know all of this probably sounds pathetic, but hey every cosplayer likes to stand out in some way right? I know I will still absolutely enjoy wearing this costume when I finally get everything together and finished, which will take another three weeks or so, but part of me is still really wishing I had heard of this series I year or so ago ^^;
Originally Posted by rajamitsu:
I can think of one way to stand out, even in the default butler outfit: Practice your walk and mannerisms. This past weekend my husband pointed out this Sebastian cosplayer who was walking around, balancing a tray in one hand. They had it down pat and it was absolutely amazing.

I agree with the above about your problem; another thing is to find some tiny detail you really want to get right (seeing a Sebastian that actually has a pocketwatch as opposed to just a chain would be cool to me, for example) or some cool prop (I know of a Sebastian who had stuffed cats that they could attach to their coat with velcro, which was absolutely adorable), or try to get mannerisms and voice right (how a Grell cosplayer in our area who, honestly, looks nothing like Grell got absolutely ADORED by everyone).
It's little things that help, honestly, just be creative!
I am kind of late in getting back to this thread, seeing as how I think I made my original post back at the end of September or something O.o
Ahem, well the Sebastian cosplay was finished, but not in time to really do anything special with it. I was supposed to wear it to my university for Halloween, instead I went home and passed out from exhaustion (yay for 3 nights without sleep - partly the costume's fault, partly not). Despite that though I went out and got some pictures taken at a local historic hotel a couple of days ago, and a lot of the advice I was given stuck in the back of my head. Things like mannerisms and, well not walk so much, but stance. I think it helped a little... I know I did my best not to slouch (I'm notorious for that bad habit). Ah, also the chain I have IS attached to a pocket watch, I bought one on eBay almost as soon as I knew I was going to be making this cosplay (got ripped off with a knock off, but it works).
At any rate, this is what I wound up with photo wise:
However, I am glad I came seeking advice because it does give me more hints on what I can do to make this work when I go to a convention in it. It'll be interesting at any rate, that's for sure.
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