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Anime Zap! Peoria IL Jan 04 -06 2013!

Hey all Nii-San here after a very long hiatus I'M BACK and I'm here to inform and remind some of you that a new Peoria traditon is returning for its 3rd year (technically its 6th year if you count Pokettokon 2007 thu 2009) Anime-Zap! at the Four Points at Sheraton Hotel in the beautiful downtown Peoria area, This is the only con that truely takes place between Chicago and St.Louis and its an inexpensive way to start off you con year, I mean $25 for the whole weekend thats not bad at all!
We have all the regular events, Panels, hallway cosplay contests, a large dealers room and the most popular events of the cons, Dante's Bishi Auction, the Battlefield, and we cannot forget the Rave and Ballroom Dance!.
for more information on the con and the event schedule go to for more details.
for some of last years footage of the con you can go to and see for yourself
We hope to see alot of you there, lets make this the best year for Anime-Zap! so far, and keep a new Peoria tradition alive!
I also want to throw this out to any remaining members of the Kage Kanbu, its time to don our masks, sharpen our shurkin and show this con what it means to be cosplay ninja!!
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