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Oh geez, I hope I can remember everyone! Here goes nothing...

The Lorax - I hope your first con was a great one! Loved your epic cosplay mustache. Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit before the pony panel!

Nightengale - Woooo Applejack and Sherlock!

The karaoke room staff and regulars I saw including epic Luffy, the guy who sang old school songs from Gaogaigar and Slayers with the awesome enthusiasm of JAM Project members, the guy who sang Kiss From a Rose on the Grave, and the female Mako - I haven't had a chance to do con karaoke in a looooooong time and you guys made me so happy with your animatedness and talent.

The Slytherin student who hung out with Black Widow and me - Represent ALL THE FANDOMS!!!

The MLP panelists - I wasn't expecting that pony panel to be as deep and thought-provoking as it was. Thanks for being awesome! I won't be getting the "At the Convention" song out of my head for a while. MORE APPLEJACK DANIELS! *drink*

Effie Trinket - Best. Effie. Ever. Wonderful to meet you!

The Lt. Surge, Raichu and friends - Thanks for making Black Widow and River's dinner an interesting one. xD

Everyone who gave me River Song love - YOU ALL MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY INSIDE.

Okay, now for the shout-outs that don't really need to be made because these people should know how awesome I think they are.

Black Widow/Clara, The Doctor, Amy, and Rory - Badass female gunslingers 4 life! You really either need a functioning TARDIS or I need a functioning Vortex Manipulator, because I don't get to see you guys enough and you're too epic for that to be tolerated. Also photos at the Smithsonian were awesome. Must do again sometime when everyone is less exhausted after having been walking so much all weekend.

The Doctor/Squall - Great to see you in tweed again, Sweetie. You're way too happy for Squall, though! At least from the pics I've seen. xD Not a bad thing.
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...I really need to finish some other in-progress characters. xD;

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